Backwater Bar & Restaurant Crystal River, FL

OPEN DAILY AT 11:00 AM | 352-794-6000

Come relax and enjoy our fresh local seafood and authentic Cajun dishes. We hope you will enjoy your meal, the hospitality and the service. We’ve enjoyed having you and hope ya’ll come back soon! Backwater Fins is proud to prepare your favorite dishes. Since our dishes are freshly prepared for you, your wait time maybe a little longer. It will be worth the wait. For our Captain’s choices look for Ole’ Fin.

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Oyster Warning: There is a risk associated with consuming raw Animal protein. If you have chronic ulcers, stomach or blood or Immune disorders, you are at great risk of serious illness from raw oysters and should eat oysters fully cooked. If unsure of Your risk, consult your physician.


Backwater Fins Appetizers are served with your choice of dipping Sauce

Extremer Bites 9.99

Bite sized poppers filled with crab, jalapeno and cheese.

Life Rings-Onion Rings8.99

Hand breaded golden fried onion rings served with a zesty dipping sauce.

Peg Legs8.99

Mozzarella cheese sticks served with a homemade marinara sauce.

Buffalo Shrimp11.99

Shrimp coated in our special Captains breading.

Peel & Eat Shrimp

Fresh gulf shrimp. Served Garlic Sautéed, Cajun or Old Bay.

1 Pound 19.99 | 1/2 Pound 12.99

Shrimp Cocktail8.99

Fresh gulf shrimp chilled and served with our own cocktail sauce.

Stuffed Cajun Angels11.99

Bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with our special crab mixture. Served with our Home made Crab Dip.

Ahi-Tuna 11.99

Pan seared Tuna steak with a side of wasabi and ginger.

Alaskan Snow Crab15.99

Basket with (2) Cold Water Crabs.

Asiago Crab Dip13.99

Crab meat with Asiago Cheese.

Frog Leg Basket11.99

Captain’s Nacho Platter

Choice of Chicken or Beef. Layered with lettuce, tomato and jalapeno and topped with sour cream.

Large Platter14.99
Small Platter8.99
Add Guacamole.59

Smoked Mullet Dip7.99

Local Mullet that has been smoked and mixed into a mouthwatering taste of the Island.

Gator Bites12.99

Florida Gator at its best; lightly fried served with your choice of sauce.

Crab Balls 9.99

Locally harvested homemade blue crab balls, perfectly seasoned and fried.

Island Flare Calamari12.99

Fried calamari rings topped with banana peppers, scallions, red peppers and garlic butter. Topped with our Island Flare Dizzle.

Swamp Platter17.99

Gator bites, fried fish fingers, mini crab balls and mullet dip.
Feeds 2–4 fishermen.


Fried Green Tomato Basket.

Chips and Salsa4.99

Chips served with our House Zesty Salsa.

Mini Crab Cakes7.99

Locally harvested homemade blue crab cakes, perfectly seasoned and served grilled or fried with side of zesty dipping sauce.

Garden Selection


Dockside Salad 10.99

Bed of fresh garden greens, garnished with vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and croutons with your choice of dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad 14.99
Grilled Shrimp Salad 17.99
Any Fish Salad 17.99

Caesar Salad10.99

Fresh Romaine lettuce topped with parmesan cheese, croutons with a creamy Caesar dressing.

Grilled Chicken Salad 14.99
Grilled Shrimp Salad 17.99
Any Fish Salad 17.99

Island Salad10.99

A bed of greens topped with Pineapple, diced Peaches, Mandarin Oranges, Dried Cranberries, Green Onion and Walnuts, crumbled Blue Cheese and served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette.


Hand-Filleted Fries 2.50

Sweet Potato Fries 2.50

Baked Potato 2.99

Sweet Potato 2.99

Life Rings 3.50

Cheese Grits 1.99


Red Beans and Rice3.99

Cole Slaw1.99

Collard Greens1.99

Jalapeno Cornbread1.96

Award Winning Soups


Loaded homemade Potato Soup.

Cup 4.99
Bowl 6.99


Southern style Gumbo with stewed shrimp, chicken, special blended sausage, all simmered in a Cajun seasoning.

Cup 5.99
Bowl 7.99

Captain's Gallery

Land Lover Chicken Tenders10.99

Fried to a golden crisp and served with our sidewinder fries and coleslaw.


Choose from Chicken, Beef or Veggie. Filled with freshly cut peppers, onions and cheese.

Spicy Island Chicken 13.99

Caribbean style with a sweet and spicy Glaze smothered with coconut. Choice of two sides.


Choose Regular Breading or make it a wrap.

Chicken Sandwich 9.99

Fried or Grilled. Topped with lettuce, tomato and onion.

Po’ Boy9.99

Fill your bun with shrimp or oysters. Hooked up with our First Mates Secret sauce.

Shrimp & Oyster Combo 10.99

Grilled Cheese 4.99

American cheese on Texas Toast.


Crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Fish Sandwich7.99

Lightly battered and fried. Served with SideWinders and Cole Slaw.

Chargrilled Captains Burger10.99

Topped with lettuce, tomato and pickles and onions. Choose one cheese: American Sliced, Bleu Cheese Swiss cheese or Cheddar Jack.

Make it a Bacon Burger 11.99

Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger 11.99


Choose from Chicken, Beef or Veggie.Filled with freshly cut peppers, onion and cheese.
Guacamole .59



Sailor’s choice of House Salad or Cole Slaw. Choice of one side & Hush Puppies.

Fresh Off the Boat Mullet Dinner 12.99

Fresh caught Mullet fried in a light cornmeal breading.

Fish and Chips12.99

Fried in a crispy beer battered crust.

Gulf Red Snapper17.99

Lightly seasoned and mixed in a special breading.
Choose: Blackened, Fried, Grilled or Broiled.

Red Drum Fish 13.99

Choose: Blackened, Fried, Grilled or Broiled

Ja-Mak-A-Me Shrimp16.99

Coconut Covered sweet and spicy Island style shrimp.

Sailors Delight Combo 17.99

A combo of Gator bites, Frog legs, Mullet and one fresh Blue Crab Ball. Fried grilled or broiled.

Hook, Line & Sinker15.99

A combo of shrimp, fish and a Fresh Blue crab ball. Fried, grilled, or broiled.

Gulf Shrimp Platter11.99

Generous portion of Shrimp Blackened, Fried, Grilled or Broiled.

Oysters Galor

Looking for Pearls

Fried Oyster Dinner 17.99

Generous portion of lightly breaded & golden fried Select Oysters. Salad & One (1) side.

Island Oysters

Grilled oysters with garlic butter & parmesan cheese.

1 DozenMP
1/2 Dozen MP
Choose Cajun or Ole Bay


Six (6) perfectly prepared Oysters on the half shell, topped with a southern flare sauce & garnishments.

Mates Tacos Grilled or Fried12.99

Choice of Three (3) Fish or Shrimp Topped with a zesty mango salsa & Creamy key lime sauce. Served with Cole Slaw and One side.


Alaskan Snow Crab Dinner 26.99

Plenty of Snow Crab Clusters with your choice of two (2) sides and a Backwater Fins house salad.

Stuffed Cajun Angel Dinner18.99

Bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with our special crab mixture. Served with a unique dipping sauce. your choice of two (2) sides and a Backwater Fins house salad.

Bay Scallop Platter16.99

Prepared the way you like them. Grilled, Fried or Blackened. your choice of two (2) sides and a Backwater Fins house salad.

Seafood Alfredo 14.99

Shrimp, Scallops, and Crab served In a creamy alfredo sauce with noodles. Backwater Fins house salad and Garlic Bread.

SINsational Stuffed Potatoes14.99

Lobster Stuffed Potatoes with all the mouthwatering ingredients to make the perfect dish. Served with cole slaw or house salad.


Ginger Ale 2.25

Root beer 2.25

Coke Zero2.25


Mellow Yellow2.25

Coffee: Regular or Decaf2.25

Freshly Brewed Tea2.25

Full Liquor Service - Beer - Draft Beer – Domestic or Kraft - Wine

Package sales available

HAPPY HOUR 3-6pm Mon - Fri ONLY on wells and drafts.


Fried Oysters, Shrimp and Scallops. your choice of two (2) sides and a Backwater Fins house salad.


Hand-Filleted Fries 2.50

Sidewinder Fries 2.50

Baked Potato 2.50

Loaded Baked Potato 3.99

Life Rings/Onion Rings 3.99

Cheese Grits 1.99

Cole Slaw1.99

Corn on Cob1.99

Red Beans and Rice2.99


Vegetable of Day2.99


Ask your server about this weeks featured dessert!

Ice Cream Flavor of Week 2.99

Key Lime Pie 4.99

Cheese Cake 4.99

Key lime Ice Cream Pie 4.99

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 4.99

Salted Carmel Vanilla Crunch 4.99

Benedetti’s Cheese Cake 4.99


Your choice of two (2) sides, Garlic bread and a Backwater Fins house salad.

Captain Fins Chargrilled Steaks32.99

Plenty of Surf & 8oz Turf.

10 oz. New York Strip 15.99

Plenty of Surf & 10oz Turf.

NY Strip & Shrimp 21.99

NY Strip & 1lb of Snow Crabs 37.99

10 oz. Sirloin 13.99

Plenty of Surf & 10oz Turf.

Sirloin & Shrimp 19.99/lb

Sirloin & 1lb of Snow Crabs 29.99/lb


ALL DAY 82 0Z. $16.99


ALL DAY$11.99 - $13.99

Package sales available

Consuming Raw or undercooked seafood, meats, poultry or SHELLFISH may increase the consumers risk of foodborne illness. Menu prices subject to change, 11/20/2016 published. All Other Menu prices invalid.